Enhance Your Curb Appeal.

Beautify with seal coating Avon CT. A protective seal applied by the experts at All Weather LLC improves your curb appeal. A cracked, faded and crumbling driveway can be repaired and protected with our long lasting driveway sealant. Weather, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, water, oil, gasoline and radiator fluid all contribute to driveway erosion and wear. There are many benefits of seal coating your asphalt driveway. All Weather LLC is your local expert driveway seal coating company in the Canton area. We have been in the business of asphalt repair and sealing for over two decades. Seal coating can prolong the life of your asphalt driveway by protecting the surface from harmful elements. If you have a relatively new driveway, All Weather LLC will seal coat the surface to prolong its beauty. If your asphalt is cracked, we may be able to repair or patch the weakened surface before applying the rubberized seal coat.

Our seal coat provides a layer of protection to inhibit damage from chemicals and the elements. Harsh sunlight, fluids that drip from vehicles, and water erosion all damage the asphalt. Add expansion and contraction from icy water in the winter months, and erosion from rainfall to the recipe, and the driveway begins to break down. When we assess your driveway, we look for oil spots, cracking, potholes, and surface imperfections. In many cases, even a commercial driveway that has issues can be repaired and seal coated successfully. Repaving is a big job, and it makes sense to have a professional company like All Weather LLC protect your investment.

Driveway seal coating protects and adds to the useful life of your asphalt driveway. As we have shown in the above before and after example above, your property looks more inviting after seal coating. Not only will your driveway look more beautiful, it will increase the value of your property and improve curb appeal. Call All Weather today: 860-623-8567.


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