Call All Weather LLC for driveway repair and maintenance services in Canton CT and surrounding towns. Our company service area includes towns in Hartford County CT and Western MA. All Weather Seal Coating provides asphalt driveway repair, maintenance and protective seal coating. We have a 20 year history in asphalt driveway and parking lot protection and restoration. When we are called by a client to evaluate the condition of their asphalt surfaces, we inspect for ruts, surface cracking, alligatoring, and potholes.

Before a driveway, sidewalk or parking lot is paved, the substrate must be compacted over land where there is good drainage. This substrate provides stability for the pavement. This foundation layer must be compacted to eliminate all voids which may trap water. Water trapped in substrate that does not drain will cause a frost heave during periods of freezing and thawing. All Weather LLC will carefully inspect the pavement to assess any damage. We will repair sections of your asphalt driveway or parking lot when small areas have been compromised.

We specialize in asphalt repair and protection for residential as well as commercial properties. We offer economical solutions to repair your damaged pavement. All Weather LLC can protect asphalt that is in good condition with sealcoating. The owner is on site for all jobs we do. Our service area includes Western Massachusetts and Connecticut, including Suffield, Willimantic, Farmington, Avon, Hebron, and Canton, CT. Protect your investment and call today: 860-623-8567.


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