When you have pot holes, crumbling asphalt, or worse, call All Weather LLC for expert parking lot repair Columbia CT. Our service area includes central and eastern Connecticut towns. We specialize in patching, sealing and repairing asphalt surfaces and bring your parking lot back to nearly new. When you can restore rather than repave, you will be inconvenienced for less time and you will save money. All Weather LLC is well known for asphalt repair and seal coating services. When you contract a professional repair and maintenance company like All Weather, your parking lot is going to look better. When your pavement is well maintained and protected from the elements, your whole property looks better. Our services can help reduce any possible liability, by repairing bumps, cracks, and potholes. We seal cracks, replace crumbling areas, apply sea lcoating and repaint lines. Our workmanship and professional services are second to none.

When there are large areas of uneven, crumbling or missing pavement, your entire parking lot may need repaving. After repaving, why not have All Weather seal coat and paint your parking lot to keep it newer longer. Professional seal coating protects your pavement from solvents, fuel, oil, weather, UV radiation and physical wear. Freezing and thawing water on your paved surfaces cause small cracks to expand until they form into deep potholes. Avoid the expense of replacing your entire parking lot and ask about our asphalt maintenance and protection services.

All Weather LLC seal coating is applied by professionals, supervised by the owner. Our company has 20 years of experience repairing, restoring and protecting paved surfaces. You can rely on All Weather LLC to do the job correctly the first time. Our service area includes Western Massachusetts, Central and Eastern Connecticut. Protect your investment and call today: 860-623-8567.

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