Call the professionals at All Weather, LLC for driveway sealcoating in Springfield MA. Did you know you can remodel your asphalt driveway to make it look as good as new? If you wish to extend the life of an asphalt driveway or pavement, sealcoating is a great idea. This procedure adds a thick, protective layer over an asphalt pavement to prevent damage from chemicals and weather. Sealcoating is an excellent way to fill in cracks on an asphalt driveway and prevent new ones from emerging.

All Weather, LLC, offer top-notch asphalt repair and maintenance services tour drivewayt a dull driveway. We focus on protecting, beautifying, and weather-proofing asphalt to make it last longer. We can tackle jobs of any size, ranging from cut-out asphalt repairs or damaged areas to sealcoating the entire driveway.

Our main services include:

Hot crack repair
Parking lot sealing
Driveway sealing
Parking lot and driveway prep work
Line painting
Pothole repair
Oil and gas spot repair

A sealed driveway prevents cracks from forming and makes a driveway last longer. Here are the major benefits:

Reduces Oxidization  While oxidization cannot be fully prevented, it can certainly be reduced. The sun’s rays can cause an asphalt pavement to become brittle. This results in cracks and other kinds of damage. Our sealcoating services in Springfield, MA, can slow down oxidization using crack fillers with a layer of black sand on top to prevent sticking.

Keeps Water at Bay  Sealcoating can fill new and old cracks in your driveway. This will prevent water from entering the cracks. This can be real problem in the winter season when water starts to accumulate and freeze inside. Expansion can eventually cause the cracks to grow larger.

Prevents Cracking Under Pressure  Asphalt is flexible by nature. When vehicles pass over it, the surface tends to bend slightly to handle the burden without cracking. A pavement that is not adequately sealcoated can turn brittle and lose this crucial property.

Protects Against Fuel Spillages  Gasoline and asphalt have a similar chemical makeup. Therefore, when fuel spills from vehicles, an asphalt pavement can soften and weaken. We focus on cleaning, drying, and priming oily patches.

Driveway sealing can prevent cracks from forming and can save you money in the long run by boosting the life expectancy of asphalt. If you are considering having it done, contact us at All Weather Services, LLC by calling 860-623-8567 today.


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