Professional Asphalt Repair & Maintenance

Our Services Include:

  • Driveway Sealing
  • Parking Lot Sealing
  • Hot Crack Repair
  • Pothole Repair
  • Oil & Gas Spot Repair
  • Driveway & Parking Lot Prep Work
  • Line Painting

Crack Repair: All of our crack repair is rubber application.The crack sealant is a polymer modified asphalt crack sealant with exceptional bonding qualities. It has a high resilience and incredible flexibility to accommodate large joint movement through extreme temperature cycles.This does not mean you should not repair all cracks every year. All crack filler is top coated with black sand to prevent sticking.

Pothole & Cut Out Repairs: Areas of asphalt that have broken away, left depressions, holes, or several cracks in one area. These areas will be cut out, rebased and repaved with new asphalt.

Oil Treatment: Oil spots will be cleaned, dried and primed.

Striping: All parking stalls, special lettering, fire lanes, and handicap spots will be reduplicated unless a new layout is required.Let us help you in the repairing and preserving of your asphalt parking lot and asphalt driveway. All Weather, LLC is your local asphalt seal coating and maintenance company, with over 20 years of experience in our field. Our owner is personally involved in all aspects of the projects we undertake.

Replacing an entire asphalt parking lot or driveway can be a huge expense. If you think you need a brand new driveway or parking lot, give All Weather, LLC, a call and see what we can do for you. Many driveways can have the asphalt seal coated and repaired. We handle any size job from simple cut out asphalt repairs of deteriorating areas, to crack filling and seal coating and entire asphalt parking lot or driveway.

We specialize in extending asphalt durability, longevity and adding protection, that will allow your property to be far more inviting and increase the value. Give us a call today at 860-623-8567, or email your information for a free inspection and estimate of your asphalt parking lot or driveway.

All Weather LLC seal coating service beautifies, protects, and weather proofs the asphalt. Long lasting protection. Western MA and CT. Call All Weather today: 860-623-8567.