We will schedule two appointments. The first will be your prep appointment, where we will clean and fill your cracks. You can drive on the driveway as soon as we are done with this first appointment, however please avoid parking directly on the cracks. The second appointment will be a week or two later (depending on weather), where we will seal your driveway. See instructions below, or download a copy of our Information Sheet here.

What we need from you:

The Day Before:

  • Turn off any irrigation systems
  • Do not water any plants / planters by the driveway
  • Remove all items from the driveway such as planters, basketball hoops, hose reels, etc.

The Day Of:

  • Please have all cars off the driveway by 8 am and parked at least 25 ft away from the entrance of the driveway to allow room for our trucks.
  • Do not water plants of turn on irrigation for 48 hours to allow the driveway to cure.
  • Sunny areas will allow foot traffic by the end of the day.
  • We will mail your invoice after job is complete. We accept cash and checks.

Ways to Save

For Past Customers

  • Referral Program: You will receive $5.00 off for every client that books service and gives your name. It will be added to your account for your next service.

Neighborhood Discounts

  • 5% off the price if service for every 2-3 houses / neighbors referred and scheduled at the same time.